Durability is paid a lot of attention

"Brielle, a modern town with an old-time atmosphere. The Leidse Kap and the Haagse lamp pole from DE NOOD fit in perfectly with this atmosphere. The classic look of this combination not only makes it a delight to walk through the inner city in the evening, but also in the daytime. From our own experience, we now know that durability is something that DE NOOD pays a lot of attention to."


Marc van der Weel

Project staff member at the Municipality of Brielle

Honesty is the best policy

"Honesty is the best policy, that's how I would describe the products that are delivered and were delivered by DE NOOD in a market that is being flooded with items all the way from China. The efforts made by all the staff to ensure a high level of quality made a deep impression on me."


Luc Mekel

Senior project manager, Lighting

Engineering agency in The Hague


DE NOOD thinks things through with you

"DE NOOD is a company that stands for quality. It stands out from all the other lighting manufacturers because of its splendid collection of (historic) lamp poles and fittings. Got any wishes regarding lighting? DE NOOD will think things through with you."


Jan Dalebout

Municipality of Schouwen-Duiveland

Excellent collaboration between DE NOOD, DZL and the Municipality of Zoetermeer


 "The Dorpstraat and some of the surrounding streets in the municipality of Zoetermeer are lit by the well-known cast iron light lamp posts with DE NOOD fittings, type Classic and Elegance. In addition to energy savings of approx. 40% and savings on maintenance of approx. 44%, the Dorpsstraat has become more aesthetically pleasing and the lighting is now more evenly distributed. 


From the politicians and storekeepers association's point of view, the project was highly successful and the concerted effort between DE NOOD and Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht (Sustainable Zeeland Light) on the one hand, and Zoetermeer's municipality on the other, was excellent.


The project was completed quickly without any complaints, which in itself is unusual. The response from the people in the Dorpstraat was also very positive. The Dorpstraat has benefited a lot in terms of atmosphere."


Municipality of Zoetermeer

Jaap van Hofwegen


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