Restored to its full glory, though with modern LED technology


Four fabulous replicas of historical lanterns have recently left our workshop in Middelburg and were installed on the Heemraads Bridge in Rotterdam. They were restored to their former glory, though with the application of modern LED technology.


At the initiative of a local resident and also thanks to the craftsmanship of the coppersmith and blacksmith at DE NOOD, four new replicas of historical lanterns have been lighting up the neighbourhood of Delfshaven since 13 September. No less than 73 years had passed since the lanterns had adorned the bridge.


The lanterns were last seen on the bridge in the late 1930s, after which they vanished without a trace. Searches for the lanterns resulted only in the uncovering of the old blueprints. Local resident Martin Pot spent twelve years campaigning for the return of the lanterns.


A year’s work

Using the old blueprints, we were able to produce new technical drawings. Our blacksmith and coppersmith then spent a year working on the lanterns. The coppersmith dedicated himself to riveting and soldering the copper fittings, all of which was done entirely by hand. The blacksmith spent the year working on the masts, which were also produced manually.


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