LED DLM system

One of the most revolutionary and attractive lighting systems is the Fortimo LED DLM system. Because it is so energy-efficient, this system has a much longer life than conventional lighting and therefore requires less maintenance. Eventually, this will reduce the replacement costs and energy costs too. In addition, the LED DLM system disperses white light in a perfect colour rendering. You can therefore be sure that you are complying with all requirements for social safety. At the same time, combining this lighting technique with a classic fitting gives an attractive ambience, which the existing street will only benefit from.


Indirect lighting

DE NOOD uses the most advanced lighting techniques. It also developed a solution for indirect lighting. DE NOOD designed a special mirror for the purpose. Combined with the LED DLM system from Philips, this mirror offers an excellent solution for combining indirect lighting with LED. It guarantees optimum light output using the most durable solution.


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