The DE NOOD Group has focused on realising lighting projects in public spaces since 1924, distinguishing itself by a very high quality and innovation. Since our cooperation with renowned German manufacturer Hess, we can also offer modern street lighting and superior LED light solutions. Projects are executed together with you from drawing board to completion, ranging from classic to modern.

DE NOOD is a member of the DE NOOD Group, as are the following companies:

KARELS Buitenverlichting

KARELS Buitenverlichting manufactures its own collection of classic street and outdoor lighting. Since its establishment in 1964, KARELS has specialised in recognisable round copper and brass street lights and accessories. High-quality materials are processed with a lot of passion and attention resulting in durable street lights of exceptional quality. You can find these round KARELS Buitenverlichting street lights in many parks, town and city centres, but also in many houses.

Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht

Projects can be executed by the DE NOOD Group in collaboration with Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht from drawing board to completion. This way there will be one point of contact for the entire project, which benefits the speed and efficiency. Naturally, we can also provide support for part of our services portfolio.
Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht has divided up its services into four categories: Inventory & Advice, Placement & Installation, Durability of Public Lighting, Management & Maintenance.


You can find more information on our brands DE NOOD, KARELS Buitenverlichting, Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht and DNI on the portal.


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