Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht

Duurzaam Zeeuws Licht (DZL) offers additional services for DE NOOD® and KARELS® Buitenverlichting products, such as installation, maintenance and financing. DZL's objective in this is to offer its customers professional custom work in a sustainable and socially responsible way, so that they can enjoy the best possible lighting and ambience. DZL is part of DE NOOD Group B.V.


KARELS® Buitenverlichting

KARELS® Buitenverlichting has been a reliable producer of the classic round Old Dutch outdoor lighting for over 40 years. Like DE NOOD, it combines craftsmanship, tradition and expertise with modern techniques and materials. KARELS B.V. is part of DE NOOD Group B.V.


DE NOOD® Limited Editions

DE NOOD issues a unique Limited Edition every year, a special short production run of its lighting, linked to a special and typically Dutch theme. DE NOOD® Limited Editions is part of DE NOOD Group B.V. 





PHILIPS Lighting

Philips Lighting is known for its quality, innovation and efforts towards sustainability, which makes it an excellent partner for DE NOOD. Philips Lighting has developed a number of high-end LED solutions that can be integrated with no problem in DE NOOD's classic outdoor lighting.






Public Spaces Day

The Public Spaces Day is the largest event for spatial planning professionals. Ask for your free ticket now to the Public Spaces Day on 12 and 13 October in Houten.




Nederlandse Stichting voor Verlichtingskunde

The Public Lighting Committee of the NSVV (Netherlands Foundation for Lighting) draws up the guidelines for good public lighting.



Public Lighting Knowledge Bank

The Public Lighting Knowledge Bank is the platform for exchanging knowledge about public lighting. This site lists publications about public lighting.



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